What is BlitzBear's payment and refund policy?


BlitzBear is a self-service software subscription-based platform. We provide various plan options to choose from and you may proceed with a particular subscription plan that is suitable for your needs. For full details on our current pricing plans, please see our pricing page. Your chosen plan is billed on a monthly basis, in the duration and amount based on the particular subscription plan chosen by you. You explicitly agree to pay the fees for the subscription plan opted by you through the BlitzBear platform and you authorize BlitzBear to charge the payment method you have on file in your account settings.

Credit cards are processed via our third-party payment provider: Stripe. BlitzBear does not store any sensitive payment information and is not liable for any unauthorized use, fraud, payment refunds, lost amount, etc.


If you have purchased a monthly subscription to BlitzBear and are not completely satisfied, you can request a refund within 30 days of the initial charge.

Eligibility for a refund within this period is contingent upon having utilized less than 50% of your BlitzBear credits during the current billing cycle. For example, if you are on the Business plan with 20 credits per month, you will only be eligible for a refund if you have utilized less than 10 credits.

To request a refund, simply send an email to support@blitzbear.com, and we will process your refund as soon as possible. Please note that refunds will be issued to the original payment method used for the purchase. Refunds may take 5-10 days to show up in your bank or credit card account.

After the 30-day period from your initial charge, we are unable to issue refunds for any reason. However, you can still cancel your subscription at any time. It is important to note that cancelling your subscription will result in the immediate forfeiture of any remaining credits. Once your plan is cancelled, these credits cannot be redeemed or refunded.

BlitzBear makes no explicit guarantees regarding improvement in search engine results pages (SERP) or search engine optimization (SEO) or specific customer results, as these can vary widely. Additionally, BlitzBear accepts no responsibility or liability for any search engine penalties that may be incurred as a consequence of using our platform. We strive to support our customers’ success, but results can depend on numerous external factors beyond our control.

If you have any questions about our refund policy or need assistance with your refund request, please don't hesitate to contact us at support@blitzbear.com. We're always here to help.

Delinquent payments

We may terminate your BlitzBear account and subscription if the membership is not paid for in a timely manner. We may use a third-party service provider ProfitWell to provide notices of delinquent payments and have a grace period before your account is terminated.

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