For brand-new articles generated by BlitzBear, a cover image from Unsplash will automatically be selected for it. The BlitzBear Unsplash integration is enabled by default.

NOTE: The Unsplash integration only applies to brand-new articles generated by BlitzBear. It does not apply when you optimize existing articles.

What is Unsplash?

Unsplash is a platform offering a vast collection of high-resolution, free-to-use photos contributed by a global community of photographers. It provides images for personal and commercial use without licensing fees.

How to set a cover image

When you generate a brand new article using BlitzBear, a cover image will automatically be generated along with it. BlitzBear will search Unsplash using a relevant search term to find the best matching image.

The BlitzBear Unsplash integration saves you time searching for and finding cover images so that you don't have to visit the Unsplash website manually to perform those actions. You can also download the image right from BlitzBear.

How to change a cover image

From your BlitzBear dashboard, open an article and click the cover image. You will then see suggested images you can select, or you can manually search for a different image.

You can also remove the cover image for an article by scrolling to the bottom of the window and clicking Remove cover image.

How to publish a cover image to your CMS


From your BlitzBear dashboard, open an article then click the Publish Changes button. If there is a cover image, this will also be published with the article.

If you change your cover image from the BlitzBear dashboard, the cover image will also be automatically updated to your WordPress post. There is no need to publish changes again.

Other CMS:

To publish the cover image to a non-WordPress CMS, click the download icon. You can then upload it to your CMS.

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