If your blog runs on WordPress, you can publish new and existing articles directly from BlitzBear at the click of a button. The BlitzBear WordPress integration takes just minutes to set up.

NOTE: A paid BlitzBear account is required to use the WordPress integration.

How to connect

Follow the instructions below to connect your BlitzBear project to your WordPress account (est. time of 2 min).

Step 1: Visit your /wp-admin, navigate to All Users, then click the user that you want to connect to BlitzBear.

Step 2: Scroll down to the Name section and make sure the user has an Editor role or higher.

Step 3: Scroll to the Application Passwords section, enter "BlitzBear", then press the Enter key.

Step 4: Copy the generated Application Password to your clipboard.

Step 5: Open your BlitzBear project editor and enter the following:

  • Site Address (URL) - This is your WordPress blog URL and will be pre-filled based on the URLs you submitted. Please confirm or update the URL to make sure it is correct.

  • Username - Enter your Username from Step 1

  • Application Password - Enter your Application Password from Step 4

Then click Submit. Once your WordPress account is connected, you will now see 'Publish' buttons in your BlitzBear article dashboard. Once you click 'Publish', your WordPress post will be created or updated with those changes.

How to publish changes to WordPress

From your BlitzBear dashboard, open an article then click the Publish Changes button.

  • For newly generated articles: Once published, your WordPress post will be created in Draft mode. This includes the WordPress post's title, cover image, excerpt, and content.

  • For optimized existing articles: Once published, your WordPress post will be updated with the list of SEO optimization changes. This includes the WordPress post's title, excerpt, and content.

    • NOTE: BlitzBear will first search for a matching URL slug from your WordPress posts collection, but if none are found then BlitzBear will also search from your WordPress pages collection and update the page accordingly if one is found.

You will see the article's status change to Published from your BlitzBear dashboard.

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