Why do my suggested optimizations only cover the first part or less of my article?

This behavior has been observed at different times for different articles.

BlitzBear will usually give the top 15-20 recommendations per article (sometimes even up to 30), however optimization suggestions may not necessarily cover the full span of the article's contents evenly.

This is due to current LLM limitations combined with the amount of processing that BlitzBear performs (e.g, we send many back-and-forth API requests to generate optimizations in a cohesive context with full markup intact). Because of this, the AI may not always provide recommendations spread evenly throughout the article. As LLM technology progresses, we anticipate this issue to be resolved completely.

It is important to note that even when SEO optimizations cover just the first half or less of an article, increases in SERP rankings can still be achieved. Learn more by reading this case study.

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